Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services to our customers beyond just selling equipment.  With each customer, we take the time to get to know you and your needs.  By building this professional relationship with our clients, we are able to provide you with unmatched service.

Sell and Recommend Professional Audio Equipment

Milam Audio has many years of experience working with professional audio equipment. We not only sell gear, we use gear and have a first hand working knowledge of most pro audio equipment.  This equipment experience is a valuable asset that allows us to better match the correct gear with the client’s needs and budget. We are an authorized dealer for more than 200 manufacturers!

Custom Sound System Design

Milam Audio has many years of using, designing, and installing sound systems for many applications. This experience has allowed us to become very adept in understanding the needs and applications that our clients require. Each system is designed for the client’s specific needs as well as future needs.

In addition to the many years of experience, Milam Audio uses sophisticated design software that is capable of showing the system's performance quality in existing spaces as well as rooms that are still in the planning stages. This process not only reveals the actual performance of the system, but can identify acoustic problems that, if properly addressed, can noticeably improve the quality of the final product.

Professional Installation

Selecting the proper equipment is only part of what it takes for maximizing a systems performance.  Milam Audio takes great pride in our workmanship and safety while on the job site.  We treat every installation, whether a small project to large scale installations with a top notch professional approach.  For example, we take the time to neatly dress cables, and our connector terminations are the best in the industry!  This careful attention to detail is just one aspect that makes a professional installation truly professional. A Milam Audio system that is professionally installed will perform reliably for many years!

Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

Milam Audio’s customer and tech support is backed with many years of  diagnosing various problems and offering quick and reliable solutions. This is not limited to identifying the source of a noise such as a buzz or hum. We know how the equipment functions and have had years of experience translating a clients description of the problem into a simple and cost effective solution.  Even if you purchased your equipment from another dealer, we'll work with you develop a solution for your concerns!

Full Support (Including Free Phone Support)

Milam Audio stands behind all the equipment we sell. This support does not end when the item is out of warranty. If you need instruction, we will help with training.  If there is a problem with equipment, we will help you get it repaired. We are here for our clients!

Acoustic Analysis

Sound system performance can sometimes be enhanced when acoustic anomalies in the room are fixed. Unless properly accounted for, any room can have acoustic issues that can bring the best and most expensive sound system to its knees. Milam Audio can analyze your room, diagnose problems, and make recommendations to prevent these acoustic problems from ever being an issue.

Professional Audio Consultation

Milam Audio can consult with you or your architect while planning and designing your room. Audio and acoustics are often the last consideration while planning a new building project, and sometimes overlooked completely. This can end up costing much more after to “add” a sound system rather than plan to integrate it in the beginning in the design stage.

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